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Our bespoke and localised content attracts many readers who value quality and an authentic Australian experience. We feature and recommend local boutique cafes, hotels, stores, as well as festivals and markets . We also produce urban and regional local guides, as well as in-depth editorials ( or advertorials).

Another very popular section is Travel Journals . Travel Journals is a collection of real travel experiences and unique life stories written by Australian-Chinese writers and Chinese visitors .  They are informative, authentic and fun.

UPSOUTH also has two non-for-profit sections - Our Environment and Australian Chinese History.

Our Environment includes some recent reports on environmental issues, and aims to increase the awareness of  young Chinese about the environment while they are exploring the world.

The content from UPSOUTH is distributed online, amplified on a number of Chinese social media and online communities with an average of 10,000 - 15,000 readership per story among the Chinese-speaking readers.

UPSOUTH is a caring new media with a love for nature, people and animals.







另外,《南上》设有“环境”和“历史”两个公益栏目,“环境” 旨在为华文读者送上最新且有质量的环境中文翻译内容。该栏目由南上和在校翻译研究生共同制作。



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current cover major Australian cities:
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